WINDOW Object in Javascript

WINDOW Object in Javascript

Understanding the window object and it's functionality in web development

WINDOW Object in JavaScript

The window object can be considered the most vital element of a JavaScript program. It is the global object in the web browser which contains the Document Object Model (DOM). The window object provides access to the web browser’s attributes such as opening new tabs, manipulating browser location etc. This means all functions and variables declared globally are attached to the window object.

In this article, we will discuss the window object and its functionality. By the end of this guide, you will have understood the importance of the window object and how to utilize it when writing your code.

Understanding the window object

The window object represents the current window that the JavaScript code is running in, making it possible for the user to interact with the web browser and the document being displayed. The window object has four distinct features which include;

  • Browser-related Functionality: The window object provides methods and properties related to the browser like window.location, window.alert etc.
  • Global Scope: This means that all variables and functions declared globally with the var keyword will become properties of the window object.
  • DOM Interaction: The window object serves as the global object for interacting with the Document Object Model. This allows HTML properties and their elements to be manipulated.
  • Setting Timers and Intervals: The window object is involved in managing timers and intervals (e.g., setTimeout and setIntervals )

Below is an example of how we can implement the window object;

function globalFunction() {
    alert("This is a global Function");

Here’s what the output will look like;

codepen function.PNG

As the global object, the window element gave access to the function globalFunction to appear as an alert (popup) on the browser. This is an example of the browser-related functionality feature of the window object.

Utilizing the window object

The window object exposes the functionality of a web browser by providing methods for performing different actions on it. It can either be used as a function property or to manipulate the web browser. Here are some examples below;

window object as a function property

Property NameFunction
window.document()The HTML document shown in the window is represented by the Document object, which is referred to by the document property.
window.console()The console gives the window’s Console Object back.
window.location()The location attribute refers to the Location object, which has data about the page’s current URL.
window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight()These characteristics describe the width & height of the browser window, without including the toolbars and scrollbars.
window.outerWidth and window.outerHeight()These characteristics describe the width & height of the browser window, including the toolbars and scrollbars.
window.frameElement()This gives the window’s current frame back.
window.parent()This brings up the current window’s parent window.

window object to manipulate the web browser

Property NameFunction method opens a new browser window or tab.
window.close()This method closes the current window or tab.
window.alert()This method displays an alert message to the user.
window.prompt()This method displays a prompt message to the user and waits for their input.
window.resizeTo()This method resizes the window to a specific size.
window.setInterval()At predetermined intervals, setInterval() calls a function or evaluates an expression (in milliseconds).
window.setTimeout()When a certain amount of milliseconds have passed, the setTimeout() method calls a function or evaluates an expression.


The window object is an important part of JavaScript and it is frequently used in web development to manipulate the web browser and the document being displayed. It provides methods for manipulating a window and can be utilized as a function property. To learn more about the window object in JavaScript with extensive examples, feel free to log on to